Company Profile

Established June, 1993
Representative President Kunihiko Kawai
Capital 90 million yen
Address 45-1 Nishimiyamae, Nishinakayama, Toyota, Aichi, 470-0496 Japan
TEL (+81)-565-76-5111
FAX (+81)-565-76-5115
Business Manufacture and sales of automotive plastic parts
Clients companies

Kojima Industries Co., Ltd.

Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.

Hino Motors, Ltd.

Toyota Boshoku Co., Ltd.

Company Sales


Owned Facilities

Injection Molding Machines 〜850t 5
〜450t 19
〜180t 12
Special small molds 9
Total 45
Experiment Equipment ・CFD
・Traverse device
・Flow visualization room
・Air conditioning sensory room
・Sound-proof room
・Anechoic room
Test Equipment ・FT-IR ・Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) wear tester
・X-ray fluoroscope ・Thermo-hygrostat chamber
・Glass haze tester ・Thermostatic chamber
・Grip durability tester ・Color difference meter and gloss meter
・Taber wear tester ・Heat resistant special thermostatic chamber
・Three programmable thermostatic chambers ・Compound testing device
・Tension and compression testers ・Cold, hot, and condensation tester

Company History

1942 Shinko Plastic Industries, Ltd. established (in Sumida Ward, Tokyo)
1948 Name changed to Sanko Factory. Ltd. (Toyota City)
1957 Sanko Factory. Ltd. converted to stock company
1968 Business tie-up with Kojima Press Industry, Ltd.
1970 Name changed to Wako Plastics, Ltd.
1993 Howa Plastics, Ltd. established carrying on the business of the previous company (Capital of 30 million yen)
1996 Invention Prize Invention Merit Award (for simultaneous registers in one mold)
– The Japan Society for the Advancement of Inventions (JSAI), Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (The Business & Technology Daily News) Company –
2001 Capital raised to 90 million yen
2003 ISO14001 certification acquired (JQA-EM3149)
2004 Plant with Superior Energy Management Commendation Award from Chubu Region Economy, Trade and Industry Bureau Chief – Energy Conservation Center, Japan –
2005 ISO9001 certification acquired (JQA-QMA12102)
2007 Aichi Prefecture Labor Bureau Chief Award Honorable Mention (Occupational Health and Safety) – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Chubu Region Economy, Trade, and Industry Bureau – Received Chubu Region Economy, Trade, and Industry Bureau Chief Award for Superior Greening Factory – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Chubu Region Economy, Trade, and Industry Bureau –
2014 Zero Accident Record Type 4 (1.32 million hours) Certified – Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Labor Standards Bureau

Access Map

HOWA Plastics.co.,ltd.

45-1, Nishinomiyamae, Nishinakayama, Toyota, Aichi, 470-0496, Japan